FPM with FEP-Encapsulated

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FPM with FEP-Encapsulated

  • Reference Code: FEP+FPM
  • Material: FEP+FPM
  • Temperature:
    -60/+204 °C (FEP)
    -25/+200 °C (FPM)
  • Sizing system: mm/inch


The FEP-Encapsulated O-Rings are made of fluorocarbon rubber o-rings with FEP-encapsulation, which covers the o-rings completely without seams. They are available in many standards and the dimensions are specified as inside diameter (ID) and the cross section (W). They can be fitted comfortably in existing o-ring grooves.

Mode of action
FEP-Encapsulated O-Rings are double-acting sealing elements. As the pressure rises, the compression of the seal is increased.

Advantages over conventional O-Rings

  • No stick slip and low friction
  • Compatible with most chemicals and fluids, very good chemical resistance
  • Cause no contamination when used with foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and medical products
  • Can be sterilized with physiologically harmless
  • Temperature range between -60°C to +200°C, depending on the O-Ring compound
  • Allow only low steam to spread through