Specseal strives for the best sealing solutions by offering “Seal-Master”, a CNC machine empowered by cutting-edge computer software. Our raw materials are directly imported from Europe to ensure that the qualities are up to our high standards. Seal-Master is able to produce a wide variety of seal profiles ranging from 3 millimeters inner diameter to 730 millimeters outer diameter. All in all, Seal-Master is the best solution when you need custom-made seals or simply when the seals you need are not in stock. No minimum order quantity.

Seal-Master Plus

Seal-Master Plus can produce urgently needed or hard-to-find custom-made parts and seals in any quantity. No molds or minimum quantity requirements are needed, so you will save time and money, and get your jobs done quickly. If you place order before 3 P.M., we guarantee to deliver the products within 24 hours without additional costs.

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The First and Only Machine in Asia
+ Leader in Machined Seals and Custom-made Parts
+ Hard-to-find or Urgently Needed Products
+ More Than 20 Types of Raw Materials from Europe
+ Ability to Produce a Wide Variety of Seal Profiles

Significant Advantages of Seal-Master & Seal-Master Plus

  • Specseal has 6 CNC Machines in total, the most in Thailand.
    Our Seal-Master machines are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and the barloader which enables us to produce large quantity of seals at once. These benefits allow us to produce high-quality seals in minimum amount of time saving you money and your precious time.
  • Seal-Master operates on CNC principles and a sealing program. Nevertheless, it has been developed from a standard CNC machine to be able to proficiently produce seals and custom-made parts. Therefore, Seal-Master possesses a sturdy build and superior precision, which in turn yielding dimensional accurate seals according to your requests.
  • We have a wide array of operating tools, both imported and modified for accommodating your needs as much as possible.
  • We regularly change our operating tools to ensure the tools will stay sharp, Resulting in smooth and neat curves and edges, so that you can be confident that our machined seals will perform better in any applications and conditions.
  • We selectively import high-end raw materials with varying compounds and sizes from Europe , which is significantly more than any other seal companies in the country, helping you reduce unwanted expenses. Having more available material sizes at hand helps us keeping costs lower than our competition and saving you money.
  • We only select premium-grade materials for Seal-Master. Therefore, you can count on our products to have better performance and longevity and help you save more in the long term.
  • All of our raw materials and products are kept in a temperature-controlled environment, keeping the materials cool all day long and saving them in perfect conditions before the manufacture dates.
  • Specseal has qualified technicians who control and monitor the manufacturing process, from inspecting the materials before being manufactured to measuring finished products, to ensure that our products will tick all the boxes and deliver the best results.
  • Our Seal-Master software can be modified to especially enable us to produce your custom-made seals and parts that are difficult to find. We try our best to accommodate your needs no matter what they are.
  • The technicians and sales team at Specseal always measure and double check the quality of the finished products before we deliver them to prevent any mistakes and delays.
  • We have a well-trained sales team in every location who can consult you on seal profiles and materials that are most suitable for your applications.
  • We promise to provide excellent after sales services because we truly understand what customers really want.
  • Our delivery team always make sure to deliver your products quickly and accurately.
  • Seal-Master can produce any sealing parts used in hydraulic, pneumatic, and rotary applications, including hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals, oil seals, V-rings, wear rings, back-up rings, O-rings, and custom-made parts.
  • You can be assured when your place an order with us because it is in a good  hand. With more than 30 years of experience and expertise, Specseal has become a trusted household name among Thailand’s leading industrial companies and manufacturers, and we strive to maintain our product quality and service for many decades to come.