Why Us

Specseal Company Limited was founded in 1989 by skilled professionals, with outstanding visions of innovation and distinctive strategies. At Specseal, we take pride in our high-quality products, exceptional services, and corporate social responsibility. These qualities make Specseal the most respected sealing solution company in Thailand. Specseal has been certified “A” Grade Vendor by leading manufacturing companies across Thailand for 3 decades.


What makes Specseal so special?

  • We stock the most variety of seals in Thailand, including hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals, rotary seals, O-rings, etc. Over 20,000 varieties of standard size seals and raw materials are available to serve any applications needed, making Specseal a complete one-stop service.
  • Specseal offers customers an assistance in choosing correct products for their specific applications to reach the maximum products’ service lives, which substantially reduces costs of downtime.
  • We provide comprehensive and extensive Master catalogue with useful catalogues and CDs for user references.
  • We continuously develop and update our information technology systems to ensure we have the full capability to provide the best services for the ever-growing Thai industries.
  • Technical information, Seal Clinic, is available on our website. We proudly present free training programs, “Specseal Seal Clinic”, to our valued customers, which can be found only at Specseal.
  • If you place an order before 3 p.m., you can be sure the products will reach your hands within the next day. Specseal utilizes the quick and correct approach with well-trained delivery teams to guarantee that your orders will be “On time in 24.”
  • In-house production, exclusively at Specseal, by Seal-Master and Seal-Master Plus. The real leader in machined seals and custom-made parts : lathe, drilling, milling and threading. Stop your frustrations and consult Specseal for your seals requirements.
  • Our 3 decades history of success has made us the largest seal company in Thailand. Our 4 offices are located at the gateways to
    Thailand’s central trades and industries.
Social Responsibility
  • For 3 decades, Specseal has been giving back to the society and environment and is recognized by customers as “Thailand’s most admired seal and O-ring company for corporate social responsibility (CSR).”